Entertainment News'Scary Movie 6': Everything We Know So Far

‘Scary Movie 6’: Everything We Know So Far


Key Takeaways:

– Paramount’s Miramax label greenlights Scary Movie 6
– Scary Movie franchise to break its 11-year hiatus
– New sequel slated for a 2025 theater release
– No specific writer or director announced yet

The Scary Movie franchise, known for its parody of the horror genre, is breaking an 11-year silence. The Miramax label at Paramount, under its new director, Jonathan Glickman, has given the nod to Scary Movie 6. The film is set to return to theaters by 2025, as reported by Deadline.

History of the Scary Movie Series

The original Scary Movie hit the screens in 2000, released by Dimension Films. Director Keenen Ivory Wayans, of In Living Color fame, helmed the project. The diverse writing team comprised Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg, and Aaron Seltzer.

Their collective effort successfully cast a humorous spin on the horror genre and led to the sequel, Scary Movie 2, in 2001. Ivory Wayans returned as the director, and the team adapted with additions like Alyson Fouse, Greg Grabianski, Dave Polsky, Michael Anthony Snowden, and Craig Wayans contributing to the screenplay.

However, in 2003, the creative reins of the franchise shifted for Scary Movie 3. Now under the direction of Airplane and The Naked Gun alum David Zucker, the screenplay was doctored by Craig Mazin and Pat Proft. This assembly carried forward to Scary Movie 4 in 2006, where Jim Abrahams was also notable on the writing credits. By the time of Scary Movie 5 in 2013, Malcolm D. Lee had replaced Zucker as director, though Zucker and Proft continued as the wordsmiths.

Box Office Performance and Financial Overview

When we look at the franchise’s performance, The theatrical release following Scary Movie’s creation cost about $19 million, exhibiting an impressive surge at the box-office to $278 million. As the series progressed though, so did their budgets. Scary Movie 2 was produced with a budget of $45 million and accumulated $141 million, while Scary Movie 3 surpassed this with a total earning of almost $221 million against a $48 million budget.

Scary Movie 4 cost slightly less at $40 million and raked in a staggering $178 million. The franchise took a break before releasing Scary Movie 5. Here, the budget was kept minimalistic, reminiscent of the first entry and was produced at $20 million. The finances worked as Scary Movie 5 made almost four times over at $78 million.

The Way Forward

As it stands, the trailblazer is returned. Scary Movie 6 has been confirmed, albeit the creative crew, including the writer and director, is yet to be disclosed. Scary Movie’s loyal fan base must now keep their ears to the ground for more updates. One thing, however, they can be assured of, the laugh riot will hit theatres again in 2025.

Until then, we can only speculate on the storyline and the ingenious parodies that Scary Movie 6 will bring. Will it continue its successful tradition or bring in new elements? Only time will tell. As the release date moves closer, fans and critics alike will be keenly watching the slow uncovering of this much-anticipated movie.

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