Sarah Jones 'Set Safety App' is Now Available - Protect Yourself from Unsafe Set Conditions

Protect yourself from unsafe working conditions in the TV and Film industry and download the new Set Safety App

The Pledge to Sarah app, designed to boost safety on film and TV sets in memory of Midnight Rider camera assistant Sarah Jones, is now available in the Apple and Android App stores. It was created following a crowdfunding campaign by group of anonymous production crew members following the February 20th train accident that killed Sarah Jones and left several other crew members injured. Read more: ‘Midnight Rider': Sarah Jones Death is Her Fault? Open Road Films, Landowner Deny Responsibility “The site Pledge to Sarah and the Set Safety App were created because we believe that no one should ever lose their life due to an incident on a film production,” organizers said. “Whether it is an on-set safety issue or an exhausted drive home at the end of a long day, we all need to speak up and be heard.” Read more: Unsafe Set Conditions? Anonymously Report with Sarah Jones Safety App set-safety-app-ad The free app was created in honor of Sarah Jones and is intended to promote safety on film and TV sets, give users quick access to safety hotlines fo rreporting unsafe working conditions and excessive work hours. The app also gives users access to the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund to allow users a chance to view specific safety guidelines. In addition, users can anonymous send in photographic evidence of safety and time card violations to the app, which will then be forwarded on to union and industry organizations who are currently tracking complaints. Read more: Sarah Jones Family Files Massive Lawsuit for Wrongful Death Against ‘Midnight Rider The group behind the app is a group of anonymous film and TV professionals from several departments in the industry. According to Deadline, users are hoping to the app will encourage people to speak up about unsafe working conditions.
“The reason we’re doing this is that we don’t want there to be another Sarah Jones,” one member who asked to remain anonymous told me in August. Hotlines already exist for reporting on-set concerns, but “while these hotlines already exist they are sadly under utilized,” the group wrote on their Indiegogo page. The app can serve to keep more production crew informed as they are asked to perform duties that may or may not fall within industry safety standards. “I was on set at 12:30 at night and they were shooting off fireworks for a shot,” an organizer told me. “I had the beta version of the app on my phone and was able to go straight to the CSATF website.”
Read more: Crew Members Call for a Boycott of ‘Midnight Rider’ Following Sarah Jones Death Here are direct links to the (Surprisingly hard to find) Apps: What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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