Crew Members Call for a Boycott of 'Midnight Rider' Following Sarah Jones Death

Crew members are calling for a boycott as 'Midnight Rider' moves to Los Angeles for pre-production.

Word is spreading that filming for 'Midnight Rider' is coming to Los Angeles. Following the death of Sarah Jones in Georgia, filming is scheduled to resume on the Gregg Allman biopic. The decision to continue filming has left many people upset and a social media movement calling for a boycott of crew members to work on the production--I REFUSE to work on Midnight Rider! For Sarah!!!. sarah-jones-facebook__140417235158-575x183 Sarah Jones was killed on February 20th outside of Savannah, Georgia following a train crash. Several other crew members were injured and several investigations are underway to determine who is responsible for the accident. According to Deadline, Union members are have sent a letter to members of production informing them over their concerns.
According to the union’s letter, IATSE has asked that investigating agencies clear the production and its principals before filming restarts. The union says they’ll also hold Unclaimed Freight to a number of strict safety regulations, including employing a safety officer on set in addition to a set medic. The letter also states that “whether or not they can get people to work for them is a decision that those people will have to make for themselves.”
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