Entertainment NewsRussell Crowe Praises Overlooked Director's Cut of Robin Hood on Prime Video

Russell Crowe Praises Overlooked Director’s Cut of Robin Hood on Prime Video


Key Takeaways:

– Russell Crowe promotes the director’s cut of Robin Hood on social media
– Crowe emphasizes the added depth provided by the extended 17-minute version
– The actor reveals he unknowingly broke both legs during the production of the film

Academy Award-winning actor, Russell Crowe, who starred in several memorable films like Gladiator, recently showed some love for an overlooked movie in his roster. Responding to a fan’s awe at the availability of 26 of his films on Prime Video, Crowe took the chance to recommend the director’s cut of his 2010 collaboration with Ridley Scott, Robin Hood.

A Passion for a Director’s Cut

The fan tweet, from a user named @DorothyOstra, praised the accessibility to Crowe’s works on the streaming platform Prime Video. In reply to this, Crowe highlighted the director’s cut of Robin Hood. He noted that the extended version of the movie is around 17 minutes longer than the theatrical release, adding “it’s a crucial 17 minutes. Gives the whole movie another layer of clarity, humour and emotional depth.”

Crowe’s passion for this particular cut reflects his dedication and hard work during its production. Besides offering a fresh perspective on the classic tale, the filming of Robin Hood stands out in the actor’s life due to a hazardous accident.

A Painful Journey

During the making of Robin Hood, Crowe underwent quite a painful experience, something he was unaware of until a decade later. He explained how he jumped onto rocky terrain from a castle portcullis during a scene in the movie. While there should have been a pad to cushion the landing, it was overlooked due to filming constraints. Crowe landed with a jarring jolt, feeling an electric shock echo up his body. “We were shooting a big movie, so you just struggle through, but the last month of that job was very tricky. There was a number of weeks where even walking was a challenge,” said Crowe.

The extent of his injury was not apparent until ten years later when he was asked about leg fractures visible on an MRI scan. “To jog my memory he said, ‘Would have been maybe 10 years ago?’” Crowe shared in shock. He had unknowingly completed filming the movie with two broken legs, without the aid of cast, splints or painkillers.

Crowe’s revelations about the behind-scenes-challenges faced while filming Robin Hood provide fans with a new perspective on the dedication and passion embodied by actors. Through his tweet, Crowe not only promoted the director’s cut but also shared a heartfelt glimpse into the commitment it took to deliver this performance.

Promotion of the director’s cut of Robin Hood by Russell Crowe not only brought the movie back into the limelight but also acknowledged the perseverance and dedication he demonstrated towards his craft. Despite the many films he has done, the significance of Robin Hood remains special because of the additional 17 minutes of substance it carries and the personal struggle he endured during its production.

While Crowe may not be involved in the upcoming Gladiator 2, his pride in past works is clear. His endorsement of the director’s cut of Robin Hood brings attention to an often overlooked film, highlighting both its unique directorial vision and a story of personal perseverance that underpins its creation.

To catch this version that Russell Crowe holds in high regards, remember to look up Robin Hood director’s cut on Prime Video among the catalogue of 26 Crowe movies available on the platform. Considering the grit shown by the actor, it’s certainly going to be an undisputedly exciting experience.

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