Entertainment NewsJake Gyllenhaal Seals First-Look Deal with Amazon MGM

Jake Gyllenhaal Seals First-Look Deal with Amazon MGM


Key Takeaways:

– Jake Gyllenhaal has signed a first-look deal with Amazon MGM Studios after the success of Road House.
– The agreement covers projects produced by Gyllenhaal's Nine Stories studio for theatrical and streaming release.
– Following the success of Road House, speculations are floating about Gyllenhaal possibly making Road House 2.

Following the smashing success of the Road House on Prime Video, Hollywood A-lister Jake Gyllenhaal has inked a first-look deal with Amazon MGM Studios. The announcement comes on the heels of the film amassing 50 million within two weeks of its release.

High Hopes After Road House Success

Road House, directed by Doug Liman, experienced an outstanding debut that broke records on Prime Video. The film carried a unique perspective of the '80s cult classic story led by Gyllenhaal, an ex-UFC fighter-turned-bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse. The film, starring Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Joaquim De Almeida, and , alongside Gyllenhaal, aimed to extend its tribute to a new generation of viewers.

Consequent to the film's notable success, Gyllenhaal and his Nine Stories production studio have joined hands with Amazon MGM Studios. The promising pact offers Amazon the first refusal right for narrative projects from Nine Stories. This extends to any film projects that Nine Stories produces for theatrical or streaming release, opening an exciting new phase of collaboration.

Praise for Gyllenhaal's and Dedication

Amazon MGM Studios' head of film production and development, Julie Rapaport, lavished praise on Gyllenhaal's versatile talent and passion for filmmaking. She expressed great enthusiasm about the upcoming, fruitful venture with the Nine Stories team.

Gyllenhaal equally shared the positive sentiments, applauding Amazon MGM's dedication to filmmaking and its commitment to global fans. The looks forward to the official collaboration after having worked with the studio on two films in the past year.

Speculations About Road House 2

With this newly signed contract, rumors and speculations are swirling about the possible creation of Road House 2. While it's uncertain whether director Doug Liman would return for this speculated , the overlap of Gyllenhaal and Amazon MGM Studios could pave the way for this 's reality.

Even though Road House had a streaming-only release, the possibility of this collaboration isn't a long shot considering their recent successful joint venture. It indeed throws open the door of speculations and anticipation for the .


The partnership between Jake Gyllenhaal's Nine Stories and Amazon MGM Studios marks an exciting time for both parties. The success of Road House unquestionably set the perfect stage for this promising collaboration. Now, only time can tell what this joint venture would bring forth in the future. Could the Road House 2 announcement be the next breaking news? Only the future will unfold this mystery, so stay tuned and share your thoughts on this development.

Source: [JoBlo](https://www.joblo.com/road-house-2-jake-gyllenhaal-amazon/)

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