'Rick & Morty' Voice Actor Drinks Multiple Tequila Shots Because of Method Acting (VIDEO)

Konstantin Stanislavski came up with a precise "method" to train actors decades ago. The processes used to help make actors have a better performance on-screen and offscreen. The acting program centered around training actors to experience the emotions of their character.

Nowadays, there are reports of actors pushing it to the limits of this "method" acting. Some actors refusing to eat for long periods of time, working out extensively to get in the mindset of their character, or even engaging in drugs to have the same type of brain frequency they expect their character would have. But, what about taking down multiple tequila shots?

While traditionally we do not automatically start thinking about voice actors in the same way as we do on screen actors, voice actors still have the same job of expressing emotion and character traits through their voice.

In a recent video posted by Adult Swim, voice actor Justin Roiland took down multiple tequila shots to become a “high-functioning alcoholic” version of Rick from his hit TV series Rick and Morty.

"I understand things got a little...creative," Dan Harmon, the co-creator said in a video, posted to Adult Swim's Facebook page. Yeah, that's one way to put it.

Drink responsibly, my friends.

You can check out the video below.

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