Entertainment NewsRecord-Breaking Advance Bookings for Deadpool & Wolverine Fuel Anticipation

Record-Breaking Advance Bookings for Deadpool & Wolverine Fuel Anticipation


Key Takeaways:

& Wolverine scores record-breaking first-day advance ticket sales.
– Over 200,000 have been pre-sold for the R-rated movie.
– The pre-sales numbers hint at a potential $100 million debut, an unprecedented feat in 2024.
, the lead star, assures regarding the R-rating of the upcoming movie.

The highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine, featuring the formidable duo of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, has already started smashing records two months ahead of its theatrical release. Generating a surge of interest more significant than any other R-rated film, the movie is redefining expectations through its groundbreaking first-day advance ticket sales.

Record-breaking Pre-sales

The Marvel Studios' -to-be edge out all R-rated in the race for first-day ticket sales. With a stars power-packed lineup like Reynolds and Jackman, the fervor surrounding the film knew no bounds. Yet, the extent of this excitement has astonished industry insiders.

AMC Theatres' CEO, Adam Aron, confirmed on social network X that over 200,000 tickets for Deadpool 3 have already been sold, setting a groundbreaking record for any R-rated movie. This unprecedented demand sets a robust precedence for an explosive opening.

Forecasting Box Office Performance

The staggering sales reveal the film's popularity among audiences. As per The Hollywood , Fandango labeled the first-day ticket sales as the best performer for 2024's line-up, unsurpassed in the franchise, and a record-breaker for R-rated films.

The sales figures reaching the north of 200,000 have thrilled industry insiders, predicting a debut collection in the neighborhood of $100 million, which no other film has achieved since the calendar turned to 2024.

Fervor Escalates Among Fans

Fans' anticipation for Deadpool & Wolverine seems to be in overdrive as previous Deadpool films, holding a collective box office receipts of $1.56 billion, have set the bar high. Given the unprecedented fan response to pre-sales, industry insiders suggest that Deadpool 3 may single-handedly out-perform its predecessors to claim the throne of the highest-grossing R-rated film to date.

Marvel Studios has seen its share of R-rated movies setting outstanding records in the past. Keanu Reeves' The Matrix and its sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, have claimed the 25th and 5th spot in the highest-grossing R-rated films with collections of $465 million and $741 million respectively. However, the ultimate crown-holder is 's , with its stellar $1 billion collection at the box office so far.

Ryan Reynolds Reassures About R-Rating

Amid the buzz around the upcoming movie, the star himself stepped in to put fans' concerns about the film's R-rating to rest. Commending 's decision to keep the R-rating, Reynolds expressed his surprise and gratitude for being allowed to explore the raw and provocative moments that an R rating allows.

Ryan's remarks further amplified the fan's thirst for the movie's release. With the lineup of Reynolds and Jackman and the promise of an unabashed R-rated experience, expectations from Deadpool 3 have skyrocketed.

Wrapping Up

Mark your calendars – Deadpool & Wolverine releases on July 26, 2024! With all the anticipatory excitements and record-breaking pre-sales, it certainly looks like the film will not only meet but exceed fan expectations.


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