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‘Pitch Perfect 3’: Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks Are Back!


Anna Kendrick and are returning to the stage for 

Following the release of Rebel Wilson told the Times that a Pitch Perfect 3 was in the works. That was several months ago, only at that time Rebel Wilson was confirmed for the film. Now  confirms that Elizabeth Banks has signed a contract to direct the third installment of the Pitch Perfect  franchise.

In addition to Elizabeth Banks and Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow will reprise their roles as America's favorite a capella .

Elizabeth Banks will also produce the film with her husband Max Handleman.

Pitch Perfect 2 was a major hit in the box office. The movie made $285.2 million in the box office, making it the highest domestic opening ever for a first-time movie director.

Elizabeth Banks is also expected to direct the upcoming to Charlie's Angel. 

This news comes after a showed whenever a women is a or director in a feature film, the number of female crew members increase dramatically.

The previous Pitch Perfect 2 filmed in New Orleans, last year.

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