Pharrell Songs Start Exactly the Same Way

Did You Know That A Bunch of Pharrell Songs Start Exactly the Same Way?

It is undeniable that Pharrell is a legendary producer and songwriter but as the mix from the blog Discopop points out, Pharrell likes to start his songs out the same way. Pharrell Williams has produced numerous hit singles for various recording artists. Williams has earned seven Grammy Awards including two with The Neptunes. I present to you the "Pharrell Williams Guide to Repetitive Song Intros." What you are listening to is Pharrell taking the first beat of the first bar and looping it four times before the song begins abruptly. He does this through a bunch of other songs, including Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like it's Hot".

This could be Pharrell's signature or calling card for his beats, or Pharrell has no imagination on how to start a new song. Eitherway it has worked for several years, as Discopop points out:

It's not a bad technique - for one thing, you get to the melody quicker, and that is a sure-fire way of making your song memorable and radio friendly.

Next time you want to impress someone and Pharrell's "Happy" comes on the radio, remember what we told you!

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