#OscarsSoWhite: No Black Actors Received an Oscar Nomination

#OscarsSoWhite - Fans react to absence of a non-white Academy Award nominee.

The nominees for the 2016 Oscars are out and not a single black actor was nominated. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, actor John Karsinski, Ang Lee and Guillermo del Toro announced the 8th Academy Award nominations on Thursday. And The Academy's judges have chosen an all white cast for this year's Oscars for both best actors/actress and supporting actor/actress for the second year in a row. Hollywood Oscars Featureflash / Fans responded to the Oscar nominations by going on Twitter and voicing their frustration using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite: But, this should not come as a surprise as Oscar judges feared that another backlash was eminent. Weeks before the list of Oscar nominations were revealed Hollywood executives were casting their ballots to whom they believe should be nominated for an Academy Award. That's when a scathing report surfaced showing that some judges feared that Oscars are just another form of institutionalized racism.  Anne Hathaway Oscars According to the Los Angeles Times, “the biggest issue for many voters isn’t about who might be nominated but about the diversity of this year’s acting class.” The nominees’ overwhelming lack of diversity “came to define the Academy Awards so much that host Neil Patrick Harris opened the ceremony by quipping: ‘Tonight we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry, brightest.’” In fact, USC history professor Steve Ross tells the Los Angeles Times, “If it’s all-white again, nobody’s going to be happy and there might be a growing perception that the academy is out of touch.” In addition, another Oscar voter said, “I don’t see how you can nominate another group that doesn’t include any actor of color and think you’ll be taken seriously.” David Oyelowo At the end of the day this should be a surprise. The actor, who was snubbed for playing Martin Luther King, Jr in Selma said that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the entire film industry, don’t enjoy making or celebrating movies about black protagonists unless the movies are told through the eyes of white people. Oyelowo says: “So you have a very nice white person who holds black people’s hands through their own narrative.” With black men and women less likely to get cast in movies and TV shows and nine times more likely to get shot by police officers, many people are arguing for Chris Rock to boycott the Oscars.

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