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Oscar Winner Brendan Fraser Applauded by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for Ego-free Attitude


Brendan Fraser, renowned for his versatile acting skills, has finally been honored with an Oscar in 2023 for his remarkable role as Charlie in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. The 55-year-old American-Canadian actor’s triumph at the Academy Awards does not only belong to him but is also a win for Canada, as he emerged as the first Canadian to clinch the Best Actor award.

Key Takeaways:
– For his exceptional acting in The Whale, Brendan Fraser won his first Oscar in 2023.
– The actor is recognized for his humility, with no trace of arrogance despite his celebrity status.
– Matt Damon and Ben Affleck recall Fraser’s team spirit during their collaboration in the movie, School Ties.
– Despite self-inflicted physical pains from performing his own stunts, Fraser remains integral.
– The versatile actor is preparing for a new role in the film, Brothers, and advocates for recognizing unsung heroes in Hollywood.

Unassuming Stardom

Despite his star-studded achievements, Fraser’s humility remains intact. This rare attribute, not commonly found amongst Hollywood’s elite, has gained him admiration from industry peers, including his School Ties co-stars, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Speaking highly of Fraser, the duo once expressed that the Oscar-winning actor has “no ego”.

Pleasant Collaborations and Fond Memories

Affleck and Damon, who have enjoyed a long, successful collaboration, were fortunate to work with Brendan Fraser on School Ties, a 1992 drama film. During a recent Vanity Fair interview, Affleck and Damon reminisced their exuberating experience with Fraser on the set of Robert Mandel’s drama film.

For Affleck, Fraser’s calming demeanor and team spirit were a surprise, considering his method acting style. Damon also echoed similar sentiments, appreciating Fraser’s kindness and compatibility. Following this, Affleck affirmed that Fraser was genuinely a “good person”.

Fraser’s Resilient Approach and Upcoming Movie

Brendan Fraser, celebrated for starring in blockbusters like The Mummy and Crash, has often showcased his sturdiness, which includes enduring physical injuries from performing his own stunts. Fraser has confessed to having experienced self-loathing during his career, which led him to accept the consequent physical discomforts. Over time, he has accepted his aging and physical changes with grace and self-love.

While Fraser has only won one Oscar in a career spanning over three decades, his input in the film industry remains indisputably impactful. As the industry continues to expand, actors like Fraser who bring a blend of humility and humanity to cinema deserve to be recognized.

Fraser is set for his next role in the comedy-drama film Brothers, directed by Max Barbakow. His 1992 film, School Ties, is now available for viewing on digital platform, Hoopla.

Bringing the spotlight once again on lesser-known but stellar actors like Brendan Fraser, who unassumingly contribute to Hollywood’s grandeur, is a task every movie enthusiast should partake. Fraser awaits fans in his upcoming movie, where he is all set to win hearts again, one scene at a time.

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