Entertainment NewsNicole Kidman's Daughter Urges for Another Season of Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Urges for Another Season of Big Little Lies


Key Takeaways:
– Nicole Kidman’s daughter, Sunday Rose, has been advocating for a third season of Big Little Lies (source: FandomWire).
– Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have been discussing the possibility of a third season.
– Depicting scenes of abuse on the show had a profound impact on Nicole Kidman.

A Possible Third Season for Big Little Lies

During a recent discussion with Elle, renowned Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman revealed that her fellow actress Reese Witherspoon and herself have considered the idea of a third season for the unique HBO drama, Big Little Lies. Kidman mentioned that now feels like a good time to explore further the lives of their characters.

Sunday Rose, a Critic and Fan

In the same interview, Kidman disclosed that her 15-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, passionately craves another season of Big Little Lies, having cherished the first two seasons. She confided that her daughter had offered insightful feedback on her character’s development, expressing a strong desire for a third season, especially due to the character Celeste’s struggles in the second season.

The Engaging Plot of Big Little Lies

Kidman portrays Celeste Wright in the HBO drama, a complex character entwined in an abusive marriage with Perry Wright, played by Alexander Skarsgård. The demise of Perry in the first season leads the second season into the efforts of Celeste and her friends to conceal the truth about his death from his relentless mother, Mary Louise, played by the legendary Meryl Streep.

The Acknowledged Impact on Kidman Starring in the Show

Big Little Lies consistently delivers powerful scenes showcasing emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, mainly between Celeste and Perry. This portrayal has been notably impactful for Kidman, who admitted to feeling exposed, vulnerable, and even humiliated at times during filming.

In a notable W Magazine interview, Kidman recalled a moment of overwhelming emotions, sharing an explicit detail of lying on the ground, crying, and feeling profoundly distressed during one of the scenes.

Kidman further revealed the complexity of explaining the consequent bruises from filming such scenes to her daughters. This situation caused a clash between her passion for acting and her personal life. However, she felt grateful that her portrayal had resonated with other women, acknowledging the significance of such a character in mainstream media.

As it stands, an official nod about Season 3 of Big Little Lies is still up in the air. Kidman’s confirmation about the ongoing discussions and the eager anticipation of fans, including her own daughter, surely adds fuel to the speculations. The distinctive HBO drama, known for its intense scenes and poignant narrative, is available to stream on Max.

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