Netflix Reveals 'Spiderhead' Trailer Starring Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller

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Chris Hemsworth at the World premiere of 'Thor: Ragnarok' held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, USA on October 10, 2017. (Tinseltown /


The experiment was being reviewed in a dystopian jail.

Netflix has released a brand-new clip from Joseph Kosinski's Spiderhead.

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During Geeked Week at Netflix, the entire three-and-a-half-minute clip was unveiled, including Tess Haubrich's Heather, Miles Teller's Jeff, and Chris Hemsworth's Steve Abnesti. Steve is seen attempting a drug that "creates" a romantic connection between the other two characters. The experiment turns out favorably, providing Steve with another discovery.

The film's title refers to the spider-like creatures that live deep beneath the earth. It was inspired by George Saunders' dystopian short story "Escape from Spiderhead," which features Teller, Hemsworth, Haubrich, Jurnee Smollett, and Mark Paguio:

'In a state-of-the-art penitentiary run by brilliant visionary Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), inmates wear a surgically attached device that administers dosages of mind-altering drugs in exchange for commuted sentences. There are no bars, no cells, or orange jumpsuits. In Spiderhead, incarcerated volunteers are free to be themselves. Until they're not. At times, they're a better version. Need to lighten up? There's a drug for that. At a loss for words? There's a drug for that, too. But when two subjects, Jeff (Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett), form a connection, their path to redemption take a twistier turn, as Abnesti's experiments start to push the limits of free will altogether. Based on The New Yorker short story by George Saunders, SPIDERHEAD is a genre-bending and darkly funny psychological thriller directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick) and written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Zombieland)."

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