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Netflix Rescues the Canceled Starz Drama ‘Heels,’ Continues Filming in Atlanta


In a surprising turnaround, Netflix has decided to salvage the popular series ‘Heels,' that was initially canceled by Starz. The series, known for its captivating portrayal of the world of professional wrestling, is getting a second life on a brand-new platform.

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The decision from Netflix was certainly unexpected as the streaming giant swoops in to continue production on ‘Heels,' much to the delight of the show's faithful fanbase. will carry on in , where the series, rich in Southern charm, initially set up shop.

‘Heels' primarily revolves around two wrestling-obsessed brothers, Jack and Ace Spade. The duo's loyalties are tested as they compete for their late father's venerable wrestling promotion while trying to live up to his legendary status in . The show's wrestling sequences, combined with its juicy drama, caught the eye of many viewers.

The drama initially started with a modest, yet dedicated viewership. While many appreciated the series for its dynamic characters and intriguing plotline, it just didn't resonate enough with the numbers Starz was hoping for. Consequently, Starz made the tough decision to cancel the show after a single season.

Netflix, known for its keen eye on potential hits, often rescues canceled shows from other networks. The company has a reputation for revamping initially unsuccessful shows into bona fide hits, an example being ‘You,' which was initially canceled by before Netflix picked it up.

The streaming site saw similar potential in ‘Heels,' deciding to be the knight in shining armor for the wrestling drama. The fact that it was able to engage a niche yet passionate audience was appealing to Netflix.

The filming will carry on in Atlanta, a city known for its blossoming . The city was the original production base for the show, which made it a natural choice for the series to continue its journey.

Atlanta's burgeoning film and TV industry is credited to its thriving talent pool and state-of-the-art production facilities. The Entertainment Industry Investment Act also provides attractive tax incentives, making it a hot-spot for several high-profile film and TV productions like ‘The ,' ‘Stranger Things,' and ‘ Driver.'

Though Netflix has yet to officially announce the release date for the second season, anticipation is already building. Viewers eagerly await the return of ‘Heels,' and the chance to once again witness the powerful performances of Stephen Amell as Jack Spade and Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade.

Netflix's decision to revive ‘Heels' also adds to Atlanta's reputation as a film-friendly region. It is yet another testament to the city's growing appeal among production houses. Atlanta's competitive edge in the film and TV industry, combined with Netflix's wide reach and promotion, promises a vibrant future for ‘Heels.'

In conclusion, Netflix's decision to pick up ‘Heels' is a significant coup for the streaming giant and a big win for Atlanta's entertainment industry. It is also heartening news for viewers who are eager for the return of the drama that so convincingly weaves the world of professional wrestling with the challenges of familial relationships. As they await more exciting ringside drama in the coming season, one thing is clear: The show may have suffered a minor setback, but it's certainly not down for the count.



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