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End of Binge Watching? Netflix is Considering Releasing Episodes Weekly

Netflix sign at company headquarters in Silicon Valley. Netflix, Inc. is an American media-services provider and production company - Los Gatos, California, USA - 2020 Editorial credit: Michael Vi / Shutterstock.com

Netflix is considering whether it should abandon its Binge and, if so, when will Netflix release episodes.

They might be taking a model that made them and reducing it.

Netflix's binge-watching format has earned it a large following since the platform became one of the most outlets of the decade. Because of its binge-watching pattern, Netflix has developed a significant following. Netflix was able to maintain its competitiveness for many years due to its fame for retaining the attention of its . However, in Q2, Netflix announced that it had nearly a million subscribers.

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The streaming had entered a new era and appeared to be heading back to the old cable business model when they shared content among many different rivals. Netflix may soon adopt the traditional TV show releasing schedule to keep their audiences interested. According to Puck News, Netflix is considering reverting to weekly episode releases for TV programs.

According to the new profile of Netflix's co-founder Reed Hastings, it claims: “Netflix says there's no hard evidence that week-to-week episodes reduce subscriber churn, but the Netflix churn rate has been inching higher, and it is now the only streamer with a default all-at-once strategy.” Hastings has suggested previously that Netflix should not abandon the binge model, yet it appears he no longer has a choice and will make the change if needed. Weekly releases maintain engagement by continuing to attract people to TV programs. Netflix was able to test the model with the two-part release of Stranger Things this past summer. It's still unclear when, if ever, they will implement this new approach.

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