$500/Day Music Video Casting Call for Models in Miami

Music video casting call for models in Miami, Florida.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and influencers to work on scenes filming in Miami, Florida on July 22nd to 23rd or July 23rd to 24th.

Producers are seeking and hiring the following roles:

  • searching for talent that can easily play the role of an 18-21-year-old Party Girl.

How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming music video.

Miami Music Video Casting Call

High Profile Recording Artist

Casting: Models

Date: July 22nd to 23rd or July 23rd to 24th

Paid Gig: Rate $500/12 per day

We are searching for talent that can easily play the role of an 18-21-year-old Party Girl.

Now looking to hire Models in Miami or talent that will be in Miami around those dates.

Interested? Apply Now.

How to become a model?

There is no specific answer to this question, as there is no particular path to becoming a model. However, some general tips can help you get started in the modeling industry. First and foremost, being yourself and confident in your skin is essential. There is no need to try and fit into some mold or stereotype of what a model should look like – the industry is always looking for unique and interesting faces. Secondly, it can be helpful to get some professional photos taken to help you get started on your modeling portfolio. Third, research different agencies and markets to find the best fit for you. Finally, don’t give up – even if you get rejected at first, keep trying, and eventually, you will find success.

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