Movie Studio Transformed Into a Shelter to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

Celtic Studios transfoms into a shelter to help Louisiana flood victims.

Flooding in Louisiana has hit end-of-the-world proportions with thousands of people homeless, hundreds of homes destroyed, and dozens of children struggling to survive. But, one major movie studios is stepping up to the plate and taking in more than 2,000 evacuees. According to The Advocate, Celtic Studios was transformed into a huge shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to reports, the studio quickly changed into a safe haven with little preparation but, and a focus on helping flood victims. From The Advocate:

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services spokeswoman Catherine Heitman said state agencies stepped up support to the shelter later on Sunday after seeing how many people were being evacuated there.

Thousands of cots and other supplies are on the way from the Alexandria Mega Shelter and 50 extra staff members have been deployed from Shreveport, Heitman said. Mulhearn said sound stages where people are staying are large and well air conditioned but are also relatively bare.

But even with Celtic Studios opening their doors. Louisiana residents are still struggling to survive. According to the report, physicians are struggling with supplies as there is a shortage of insulin, oxygen, inhalers, EpiPens, beta blockers and other medications. Patrick Mulhearn, the director of studio operations at Celtic Studios, said that if there is any brightside to Louisiana's film industry is that they are able to help those in this time of need. "If there is a silver lining to what the Legislature did to the tax incentives, it's that we have been sitting empty for quite some time." Via The Advocate Related:
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