'Midnight Rider' was Denied a Railroad Permit for Filming on the Train Tracks

According to a CSX E-mail, 'Midnight Rider' was denied the ability to film.

The Sheriff's report of Wanye County, Georgia suggests that the production company did not have any permission from CSW, the train company, to shoot that particular scene. Furthermore, CSX may have denied clearance to film on the train tracks. In the recent incident report released by the sheriff's office, Sheriff Sergeant Ben Robertson writes that he saw a conversation between executive producer Jay Sedrish and employee of CSX. “In my presence, Mr. Sedrish was asked by an employee of CSX if he had permission to be on the trestle or tracks and Mr. Sedrish replied, ‘That’s complicated.’ The report also included that, the CSX employee previously denied permission to film on the trestle and there were e-mails to deny the use of the train tracks. Sarah Jones was killed last Thursday when a train unexpectedly arrived at the filming location and she was truck by the train. Seven other individuals were injured. According to Variety, the production company behind "Midnight Rider" has withdrawn requests for more permits to continue shooting in Savannah this week.  

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