Entertainment NewsAmazon Studios is Working on a 'Men in Black' TV Series (Report)

Amazon Studios is Working on a ‘Men in Black’ TV Series (Report)


Amazon Studios is working on a ‘Men in Black’ TV series.

According to reports, a Men in Black series is in the works for Amazon Studios. This is great because there have been no attempts to reboot the franchise since 2019’s Men in Black: International release. The trilogy that followed Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith ended in 2012, but we hope they will be involved in some fashion with this new series. Men in Black is one of the most extraordinary sci-fi properties ever created; therefore, it’s good that it’s being revisited.

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The movie has not been made, but a rumored television series is now in the works. This would not be the first time for Men in Black; an animated series ran for four seasons between 1997 and 2000 and was based on the blockbuster success of its predecessor. Tony Shaloub and Vincent D’Onofrio, who played characters from the original film, returned to play their roles in this series. There has yet to be a live-action Men in a Black TV show.

Although Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith departed the series some ten years ago, they might be brought in for a brief appearance in this new man in Black revival. Even if he were returning, they would appreciate a cameo by Tony Shaloub as Jeebs. Unfortunately, because Rip Torn died last year, Zed cannot participate in the newest series.

Amazon Studios has been upping its content game lately, and everyone is noticing. In addition to the countless original movies getting attention on the platform, they are now home to the Rings of Power series, quickly becoming a fan favorite. With such a loyal following, there’s no better place than Amazon Prime to attempt to revive one of the best sci-fi properties in history.

Men in Black is a franchise that follows a secret organization monitoring alien activity. The first three movies focus on Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and noviceAgent J (Will Smith). By the end of the trilogy, agent J had much more experience under his belt–or so he claims.

The Men in Black series offers a lot of potentials, with more agents that could step into the protagonist role for readers. Using the trope of a rookie agent teaming up with a hardened veteran would work well, as it did for the first three movies. The fourth movie tried this formula with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, but they didn’t appeal audiences to it.

The last Men in Black movie came out in 2019, so it’s about time somebody does something to bring the franchise back from the dead. I think an Amazon Studios series could do well if they took a more adult approach. We always appreciated the campy humor of the movies, but maybe it’s time to show a much darker side of the Men in Black organization.

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