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Matt Damon is Open to Reprising His Role as Jason Bourne in Bourne Franchise


Key Takeaways:

– Hollywood star , known for his role as in the hit franchise, is open to reprising his iconic role in a future installment.
– Director Edward Berger is sparking renewed interest in the franchise after revealing potential plans for the next .
– However, should not expect to see a shirtless Bourne, as Damon has expressed regret over past physically demanding scenes due to fatigue and muscle stress.
– Despite rumors of another Bourne movie in the works, there are no official announcements yet.

Matt Damon Contemplates Return to Bourne

Acclaimed actor Matt Damon, who first rose to Hollywood fame in the 1997 Oscar-winning movie ‘Good Will Hunting', has never strayed far from the spotlight. Among his famous roles is the unforgettable Jason Bourne in the hit action franchise, Bourne. After five movies and a lengthy hiatus, it seems the wheels could be set in motion for Damon's return to the action-packed franchise.

According to Damon, Edward Berger, known for his work on ‘All Quiet on the Western Front', has conjured up an idea for the next Bourne chapter. This comes as a surprise since many fans believed the franchise concluded with ‘Jason Bourne' in 2016. However, Damon, now in his 50s, has expressed hesitation about the physical toll the role could inflict on his body.

Matt Damon's Painful Recollections of Jason Bourne

Damon's journey with the Bourne franchise began in 2002 with ‘The Bourne '. Aside from missing out on the 2012 instalment ‘The Bourne Legacy', Damon's face became synonymous with the franchise. But as he revealed to GQ, the last ‘Jason Bourne' left a mark on him, not for its dramatic twists and turns, but the physical toll the role exacted on him.

In contrast to his youthful vigour during his 20s and 30s, Damon confided in his struggles with the demanding action scenes during the filming of ‘Jason Bourne'. Despite achieving an impressive physique for the role, the actor experienced continual fatigue, muscle strains and a lack of energy which impacted his performance. As such, if given the option, a shirtless action is unlikely to in his future performances.

[Speculation Mounts Over New Bourne Adventure]

While fans eagerly wait official news on the next Bourne installment, Damon's recent interview on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' served to fan the flames of speculation. Damon praised director Edward Berger's creative thought process and expressed enthusiasm towards a potential future collaboration.

Regardless, Damon recognized the inevitable passage of time on his performance capabilities, hinting at the need for someone to assume the mantle of Jason Bourne. While the hints and rumors continue to mount, audiences must remain patient for an official announcement.

For now, Bourne enthusiasts can enjoy revisiting the past action-packed exploits of Jason Bourne on Apple TV+, and stay tuned for any news on the franchise's next thrilling edition.

(Source: FandomWire)

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