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Matt Damon Bashes Donald Trump at MIT Commencement Speech


Matt Damon bashes Donald Trump during a MIT commencement speech.

While Stacey Dash revealed being Republican ruined her , and Dwayne ‘' Johnson, a registered Republican, announced that he's considering running for president, took the time to bash Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee.

According to , Matt Damon spoke to  Institute of Technology graduates Friday and revealed on a advice he got from former President . The actor, who grew up near MIT, listed what he described as some of the world's biggest problems including corruption, inequality, and a broken political system. Then he told graduates: “Turn toward the problems you see. You have to engage.”

Nearly 3,000 received their degrees at Friday's ceremony.

Matt Damon, who dropped out of Harvard to become an actor, said being a keynot speaker was an honor he did not deserve. He questioned why he was selected when previous speakers have won Nobel prizes and were former presidents. “And who did you get? The guy who did the voice for a cartoon horse,” referring to the 2002 animated “Stallion of the Cimarron.”

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However, Damon took the time to talk about Donald Trump while discussing the simulation theory. “If there are multiple simulations, how come we have to be in the one where Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president? Can we transfer to a different one?” he asked.

Damon added: “You've got to go out and do really interesting things, important things, inventive things, because this world has problems that we need you to drop everything and solve.”

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