Marvel's Mark Ruffalo Had 600 Auditions Before Landing a Role

Mark Ruffalo is now a house hold name actor. But, it took years and hundreds of failed auditions before the actor finally landed his first acting job.

Mark Ruffalo is probably enjoying the fact that he will continue to play The Hulkdespite rumors of Marvel recasting the character for the new movie Thor: RagnarokHowever, before he was able to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ruffalo was just like millions of other aspiring actors. Mark Ruffalo revealed that his determination and his mother pushed him to keep working on his acting career; "if I tried to quit she wouldn’t speak to me again.”
‘It’s been mythologized now but it started with about 600 auditions without success,’ he said about his long slog to stardom. ‘Most smart people would have quit when it takes that long.’
After more than 600 auditions, Ruffalo finally broke through in 2000, playing Laura Linney's troubled brother in the film, "You Can Count on Me." Mark Ruffalo "And all these casting directors were like, 'Where did you come from?'" said Ruffalo. "I'm like, 'What are you talking about? I've been under your noses for the past 10 years! Where have you been?'" Related Mark Ruffalo news: What do you think of Mark Ruffalo's comments on acting? Do you think he has a point? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!