Entertainment NewsMark Wahlberg is Building a Massive Studio in Las Vegas

Mark Wahlberg is Building a Massive Studio in Las Vegas


Key Takeaways:

– Actor Mark Wahlberg's vision for a ‘Hollywood 2.0' studio gets approval.
– $1.8 billion, 31-acre studio in Summerlin, Las Vegas receives zoning permissions.
– The studio is a joint venture between and the Howard Hughes Corporation.
– The project will accommodate sound stages, office spaces, flex spaces and areas for prop and equipment manufacturing.
– Wahlberg advocates for his proactive fitness approach instead of relying on weight-loss medications like .

Esteemed Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg's long-time dream of a second Hollywood in Las Vegas is turning into a reality. Wahlberg's vision for a ‘Hollywood 2.0' has found concrete shape with the approval of a $1.8 billion film studio in Las Vegas, as covered by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mark Wahlberg's Role in Establishing the New Studio

Wahlberg's idea of a new era Hollywood in Nevada was embraced by the top brass at Howard Hughes Holdings and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Their joint venture will be at the helm of the new, mammoth 31-acre production facility in Summerlin. The green light from the Clark County Zoning Commission paves the way for development in the vicinity of South Town Center Drive and West Flamingo Road.

On the completion of this media production behemoth, the facility will comprise 10 buildings spanning half-a-million square feet. This all-inclusive space is set to host a range of operations, from sound stage production to offices, flex space, and even areas designated to prop and equipment manufacture.

Project Details and Future Prospects

The film production facility, a joint venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Howard Hughes Corporation, will reportedly sit on 30 acres in Summerlin South, a suburb of Las Vegas. This projected $1.8 billion investment piece signifies a massive stride in making Wahlberg's Hollywood 2.0 vision a tangible reality.

Further development plans include 13 structures to accommodate facilities like indoor stages, production offices, prop , and conference rooms. Keeping in mind its mixed-use nature, the project will also cover for a restaurant and satellite offices for Clark County administration officials. The tallest building in the complex is projected to peak at a height of four storeys or 79 feet.

Kim Spurgeon, director of the Nevada Film Office, echoed the need for such film studios in Las Vegas to fortify Wahlberg's Hollywood 2.0 concept.

Behind the Scenes

To recall, David O'Reilly, CEO of Howard Hughes Holdings, stumbled upon Wahlberg's local idea in an Article from the Las Vegas Review Journal in September 2022. Intrigued, he initiated a dialogue with Wahlberg, which led to future meetings with Tony Vinciquerra, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures.

Away from the Silver Screen

A prominent advocate for fitness, Wahlberg shared his views on maintaining an active lifestyle through balanced nutrition and regular exercise during a recent with Page Six. He expressed his reservations about the FDA-approved weight-loss drug Semaglutide, which trades under brand names such as Ozempic and Wegovy.

While Ozempic has been touted for its appetite-curbing properties, Wahlberg draws to its potential side effects like muscle loss, nausea, and diarrhea. He pointed out that the weight loss is often temporary, with the weight returning post-treatment. Wahlberg maintains his preference for a sound fitness regime over dependence on such medications.

In conclusion, Wahlberg is a beacon of hope for both fitness enthusiasts and film lovers. With the green light for his Hollywood 2.0, we eagerly await the fresh entertainment this ambitious venture will offer.

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