Margot Robbie Reveals Sex Scenes with DiCaprio Were "Awkward"

Margot Robbie reveals what it was like to film a sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street will probably go down in history for being one of the most controversial, hilarious and entertaining movies of our generation. And while it's three years old now, the movie still has an impact on pop-culture and film industry. But, it took a lot of work to make The Wolf of Wall Street. Margot Robbie, who starred as Naomi Lapglia alongside Leonardo Dicaprio as a notorious stock market entrepreneur Jordan Belfort, revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that the sex scenes were "awkward." "Actually, I hadn't done a proper sex scene before," Robbie told Vinyl co-creator Rich Cohen in the interview released Wednesday. "I'd done scenes where it's leading into sex or sex has just finished, but I hadn't done a start-to-finish sex scene like I did in Wolf. That was my first." According to Robbie, simulating sex in front of "tons of people" is about as comfortable as you think. "There isn't an option," Robbie said. "It's just like, This is what you need to do—get on with it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can stop doing it." And how awkward is it, exactly? "It's so awkward," Robbie said. Margot Robbie also commented on her new movie Suicide Squad in the Vanity Fair interview. "[Harley Quinn> loves causing mayhem and destruction," Robbie said. "She's incredibly devoted to the Joker. They have a dysfunctional relationship, but she loves him anyway." Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.