Louisiana's Film Industry is Under Water [VIDEO]

Louisiana's film industry is completely under water.

A CNN video from Sunday shows dramatic footage of Louisiana's flooding, which has been ongoing for several days and Governor John Bel Edwards declaring a state of emergency. The widespread damage extends from the waterlogged LSU campus, to even the Governor's home. In fact, Governor Edwards was forced to evacuate their Baton Rouge mansion after rising waters overtook the lower level. Edwards added that homes across the state are equally affected with power disconnections "in order to keep people safe" as rescues continue. One video showed a woman and her dog being rescued from their car. But, to make things even worse - poisonous snakes are swimming through the flooded streets of Louisiana. Researchers are arguing that flooding shows no signs of stopping. Not only have several people been forced from their homes, but about 1,000 cars are stranded along the highway with people stuck inside them. In addition, rescue vehicles are currently unable tor each these vehicles, and boats are completely useless, since the waters are not deep enough to allow for a boat to reach them. According to The Advocate, nearly 20,000 have been rescued from the floodwaters. Nearly, 37,000 homes do not have power, and four parishes were declared a major disaster. The situation is a complete mess with 10,000 people currently living shelters, which leaves hundreds of people homeless. Edwards has requested emergency federal funding for the recovery operations, but more individuals are in need of serious and immediate assistance. The Red Cross has also provided information on how people can donate to Louisiana flood victims. Those who wish to lend a hand can also text “LAFLOODS” to 90999, which will result in a $10 donation. This news comes after Louisiana’s film industry hits rock bottom as 90% of productions moved to Georgia. After getting rid of the film tax credits in Louisiana their film industry has flopped harder than a Brendan Fraser movie. Now, crew workers are picking up their bags and moving to Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of landing a job in Atlanta’s thriving film industry. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.