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Lewis Hamilton Eyes Film Career and Hopes to Star Alongside Tom Cruise in Future


Key Takeaways:

– Lewis Hamilton aspires to pursue a career in “film and fashion” post-retirement from Formula 1 racing.
– Hamilton expressed his regret for declining an offer for a role in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” due to his F1 commitments.
– He has shown interest in co-starring in “Top Gun 3”, with Tom Cruise.
– Hamilton envisions launching a luxury brand company to rival the likes of LVMH.

Post-Racing Plans: A Shift to Film and Fashion

Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton is renowned for his mastery on the racetrack, but his ambitions extend well beyond the world of motorsports. In a recent interview with GQ, he revealed plans to delve into “film and fashion” after putting a full stop on his racing career. The seven-time World Drivers’ Championship joint-record holder hopes to actualize his dream of sharing the silver screen with Tom Cruise in the potential Top Gun 3 movie.

Hamilton, a highly respected figure on the Formula One circuit, had declined an offer to feature in a 2022 action drama flick, directed by Joseph Kosinski due to his loaded F1 schedule. This could’ve been his ticket to Hollywood, but his racing duties had precedence.

Future Endeavours: Balancing Dreams and Realities

Hamilton’s post-retirement plans have been underscored by advice from fellow athletes who have retired from competitive sports. In the Creativity Issue of GQ, Hamilton admitted being influenced by conversations with notable figures like Boris Becker, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan who shared their experiences of transitioning to their post-career lives.

Despite having a spectrum of interests, Hamilton underlined the need to focus. To that end, he has chosen to home in on film and fashion. His ambitions also include launching a brand to rival luxury conglomerate LVMH, showcasing his entrepreneurial aspirations.

The Regrets and Dreams of Lewis Hamilton

Being an ardent film enthusiast since his childhood, Hamilton candidly admitted that he always cherished the dream of working on movie projects. His admiration for the film industry started with Tom Cruise, a sentiment that has grown since then.

In fact, Hamilton had once suggested to Cruise that he would gladly accept any role— even a janitor’s — in the Top Gun sequel if it ever happened. And when Cruise worked towards making Top Gun: Maverick a reality with Joseph Kosinski, he offered Hamilton a role. Regrettably, his F1 commitments made him decline the opportunity.

Hamilton’s Top Gun Dreams Could Fully Materialise

Race aficionados may be slightly disheartened to know that Hamilton couldn’t make an appearance in the Top Gun sequel as he’d wanted. However, Hamilton’s retirement plans hint that his aspirations of working with Cruise on a project like Top Gun 3 could actually transpire.

While details of the possible movie are still under wraps, it’s exciting to think of the potential duo of Hamilton and Cruise. For now, fans eagerly await Hamilton’s transition into acting while we can also anticipate an F1-centered film starring Brad Pitt.

As Hamilton prepares to conquer new fields after ruling the racetrack, his remarks remind us of his dedicated pursuit towards excellence and passion. His determination to follow his dreams, whether zooming in a race car or dazzling on the silver screen, demonstrates his multi-faceted persona. With a stellar career in F1 racing leaving a towering legacy behind, his new ventures are certainly worth watching.

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