Why David HasselHoff Didn't Want Leonardo DiCaprio on 'Baywatch'

Leonardo DiCaprio was almost in Baywatch.

According to reports, when Leonardo DiCaprio was only 15-year's old, Dicaprio was almost cast as David Hasselhoff's son Hobie on Baywatch. However, according to the show's original producer Michael Berk, he was vetoed by Hasselhoff. "We actually had DiCaprio ready to be cast," Berk told The Hollywood Reporter. "But David thought he was too old to play his son." Douglas Schwartz also revealed that the real reason why Hasslehoff vetoed DiCaprio was more about how the Baywatch actor would look. "David thought it would make him look older," revealed Schwartz. "He had a lot of concerns of that type." The role would later go to nine-year-old Jeremy Jackson and DiCaprio would move on and win an Oscar for The Revenant.  Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.