Leonardo DiCaprio Plays (Nearly) the Same Role in All of His Movies

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a really good actor or is he just really good at playing a rich maniac?

Lenoardo DiCaprio has played a rich maniac in nine out of his last 14 movies. Yesterday, Project Casting reported that Leonardo DiCaprio will play H.H. Holmes in what will be his sixth movie with director Martin Scorsese and his ninth rich crazy guy in 13 years. Ignoring, 'The Revenant,' 'Shutter Island,' 'Revolutionary Road,' 'Body of Lies,' and 'The Departed, ' Leonardo DiCaprio has mastered the art of playing a psychotic millionaire. leonardo-dicaprio-bi-gai-dap-giay-vao-mat Not to discount Leonardo DiCaprio's acting style but, in Hollywood getting typecast can be the end of your career. Either way, here are the 9 times Leonardo DiCaprio played a rich lunatic and it was glorious.
  • 1. The Wolf of Wall Street as Jordan Belfort
  • 2. The Great Gatsby as Jay Gatsby
  • 3. Django Unchained as Calvine Candie
  • 4. J. Edgar as John Edgar Hoover
  • 5. Inception as Cobb
  • 6. Blood Diamond as Danny Archer
  • 7. The Aviator as Howard Hughes
  • 8. Catch Me If You Can as Frank Abagnale Jr.
  • 9. The Devil in the White City as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes
In an industry where the wrong role can ruin your whole acting career, Leonardo DiCaprio has learned to always come out on top. Alongside A-list stars such as Tom Cruise and Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio has learned to put himself in roles where he can shine is range, acting chops, and ultimately, his ability to entertain. As Leonardo DiCaprio gets ready to film the H.H. Holmes serial killer thriller, expect DiCaprio to capture audiences' hearts, minds and most importantly their attention.

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