Fun fact: If you type "lardass" iPhone corrects it to "Kardashian" ??

Autocorrect pisses everyone off, but a recent development shows it may be smarter than you think.

Twitter has gone viral with users who have noticed that the newest version of Apple's iOS software corrects the word "lardass" to "Kardashian". B2q0UmlCEAEBAX8 And while the autocorrect is usually the source of complaints, most people seem to agree that the insult and the name for the reality star who is most known for her body are interchangeable. Apple has been contacted for comment but it is not clear if this is something that has happened thanks to algorithms and SIRI's artificial intelligence, based on how people use their phones, or something done by developers. Kim Kardashian Gif However, users seem pretty amused by the software, which came out last week, although people didn't notice bug until December 13th, which shows you how often people actually say lardass. Do you think it was on purpose? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!