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LA Sheriff’s Department: Caitlyn Jenner Should Be Charged


Sheriff's Department recommends be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Six months after a fatal car crash left one womandead, the LA Sheriff's department is recommending Caitlyn Jenner be charged with vehicular manslaughter because she was traveling a very unsafe when the occurred.

Investigators say that although she was driving under the speed limit, her speed was too fast the day's road conditions. In fact, recommend that she should have stopped or just barely rolling because traffic was barely moving, according to a TMZ report.


The recommended charge is only a misdemeanor, so Jenner is only facing up to a year in prison or a monetary fine. But because detectives determined there was nothing out of the ordinary with the accident, there's only a “50/50” she will be charged.

The District Attorney's office is expected to decide whether or not to charge her next week. However, experts tell  that even if she is charged and convicted, she will probably not serve any time because she has a clean driving record.

But, this does nothing to stop Caitlyn Jenner's two all coming from the accident.

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