Kel from 'Kennan and Kel' Died? Find Out What Happened to Kel Mitchell

Kel is Alive and Well!

The Atlantic recently interviewed Kel Mitchell from the popular series ' Kenan and Kel' on Nickelodeon. Apparently in 2006, a rumor circulated that Kel Mitchell died. It ended up not being true. But since, 2000 not too many people have heard much from the lovable actor and character that once entertained millions. Since, the rumor started in 2006 Mitchell is alive and well. Atlantic, writer Gideon Resnick interviewed him recently to discuss his career since 2000 and the hit series 'Kenan and Kel'
When Kenan & Kel ended in 2000, Mitchell explains, “I was currently shooting films and guest starring on television. The plan was to continue doing that.” But when Mitchell and Thompson both tried out for Saturday Night Live in 2003, the latter won the coveted position. In the decade since, Mitchell told me, he has kept himself busy writing for, acting in, and directing the occasional film (Mitchell directed 2012’s She Is Not My Sister, a film about dealing with bullying through faith, and he takes the film around to schools and churches throughout the country) while focusing on his Christianity and raising a family. tumblr_mfrfrimAJ81r5zq6ao1_400
So basically, Kel has been working on his acting career. But, it looks as thought it has not taken off since 2000. Both Kenan and Kel auditioned to be on Saturday Night Live, but the job opportunity was given to his co-star Kenan.
“It’s one of those things where I don’t get upset about it,” Mitchell said of the persistent attention from Kenan & Kel fans. “You have actors that get upset about their past projects being brought up. But I have to realize that [Kenan & Kel> was a staple for a lot of people. … Even though Will Smith has done I Am Legend and all these other great films, [and has] been nominated for many awards, you still love him for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
It looks as though Kel now centers his life around his family and building an acting career in Los Angeles. The skits and catch phrases still seem to a part of his life and it is something he cherishes. We hope to see more of Kel Mitchel in the future! tumblr_mfrfouwacz1qjtajso1_r1_500 For the full interview and article, visit The