Katt Williams: Black Lives "Don't Matter"

Katt Williams discusses Black Lives Matter and his upcoming tour Conspiracy Theory in a new interview.

Katt Williams knows how to piss off an audience.

His new comedy tour, Conspiracy Theory, starts next month in South Carolina, in the middle of an American racial divide, and apparently, the comedian is not holding back. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian bashed #BlackLivesMatter, Donald Trump, and Kim Davis. Katt Williams Everett Collection /
What about Black Lives Matter? I don’t believe that [Black Lives Matter] is something that you say unless a certain percentage, a large percentage of your population, feels like this might be news to people. I think it’s not something that is ever said unless the situation is at such a critical point that you would need to say something as remedial as that. Our history proves that you might need to say that. Why do we need to say it? Are we at that critical point? Because there are people who are going to still come out against it. And it should’ve lost steam because nobody needed that message. Go have a #friedchickenisdelicious and see how much of a storm you can get people into. No, sorry, that’s just a fact that everybody knows. We have to move on as people. The only reason that this is important is because it’s an important conversation and it does have to be acknowledged that [black lives] do matter. There are too many circumstances that I could list that it would appear like they don’t matter. They certainly don’t matter equally.… As soon as they matter enough, nobody will feel the need to say it.
Katt Williams has been a lot of trouble lately and is no stranger to controversy. On October 29, 2014, Williams and Suge Knight were arrested for the theft of a camera from a female photographer in an incident which occurred in Beverly Hills on September 5. The year before that, on January 8, 2013, he was arrested at his LA home after a warrant was issued for failing to appear in Sacramento County Court on charges of driving in a reckless manner from the November 25 incident in which he allegedly drove a three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk and failed to stop for police. You can read the full interview with Katt Williams here.

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