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Here’s How Much The Kardashians Make on Instagram


Kardashians earn thousands for every sponsored photo on Instagram

The Kardashians are basically everywhere. But, the reality show didn't always have millions upon millions of dollars. In fact, worked throughout redecorating A-list ' closets.

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Now the the Kardashian clan is earning millions off of social media. According to Page Six, it costs $400,000 to get the Kardashians to post your product on Instagram.

“In the old days, you'd buy ads in magazines and TV spots,” a marketing mogul told me. “Now, for $400,000, you get the Kardashians to post on Instagram.”

Kim Kardashian, under the influence of her husband Kanye West, cuts her own for up to $200,000.

But her sisters, under the management of mother Kris Jenner, in unison. “The mother is doing bundle-buys.”

This news comes after D-list celebrities have started freaking out on Instagram. For example, if you are following more than just your close group of on Instagram, you may have noticed a several photos pleading followers to “ notifications on!” or you may have seen the hashtag #TurnMeOn in your newsfeed with an arrow. Apparently, “Instagram will stop arranging photos in your feed in simple reverse chronological order, instead sorting them algorithmically based on your behavior.” Just like your feed.

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Social media is changing not only the way people interact but, the way people can make money. And this latest piece of news illustrates once again that the Kardashian family understands the of their brand, image, and impact on the world.

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