Johnny Depp's Drunkenness Reportedly Affected 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Set

According to the Hollywood reporter, sources close to Johnny Depp claim that the actors behavior and spending has grown out of control. He was not only accused of committing domestic violence by his wife, Amber heard, is also accused of spending $30,000 per month on wind and supposedly becoming a nuisance on the set of his movies.

Sources close to the production report tales of excessive drinking, physical fights with Heard and constant lateness on set, which often left hundreds of extras waiting for hours at a time. Time and again, Bruckheimer, an assistant director and a flotilla of Disney executives led by production chief Sean Bailey were forced to huddle and debate how to handle their star’s tardiness. “He’s not a morning person,” quips one member of that group.

Moreover, little could be done to help Johnny Depp arrive on time, so eventually filming began to change and adapt to his erratic schedule.

Often, sources say, a production staffer was stationed in an unmarked car outside the Coomera, Queensland, compound that Depp had rented from Grand Prix champion Mick Doohan so that the sentinel could alert everyone the second a light was switched on in the morning (or afternoon).

“When he got up, he’d turn on the light, and the moment the light went on they’d call the line producer, who would then call the directors [Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg>: ‘He’s up! He’s getting ready!’ “ says an on-set source. “They even had a special code term, like ‘The eagle has landed.’ Johnny had no idea this was going on.”

The executive producer behind the Pirates of the Caribbean told reporters that Johnny Depp was under a lot of pressure and Australia. In addition, the executive producer explained that the actor “has put his woes behind him, along with his tardiness.”

That said, Johnny Depp must still deal with two lawsuits. The first lawsuit is against his managers, who he claims financially misguided him and the second is a countersuit by the ex-managers against him.

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