Johnny Depp Reveals What It is Like to Play Trump (Video)

Johnny Depp is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. From starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the actors showed a wide range of acting skills and a diverse set of acting chops. But as Ellen DeGeneres pointed out during an interview on her morning talk show on Thursday, Johnny Depp has still one of the best impressions of Donald Trump.

“You do a great Trump,” DeGeneres said, referencing Depp’s impression of the now-president in his 2016 Funny or Die parody film, “Art of the Deal” (a play on Trump’s best-selling book of the same name).

Johnny Depp joked that DeGenerous compliment may not be a good thing, before adding in “Trump Voice” that “Nobody could be more presidential. His comment aired with a clip of Depp parading around a room in his Trump custom, gesturing loudly towards his crotch.

Depp explained that he loves how Trump is “even worse”than he is at formulating coherent sentences “with vocabulary that actually works together.”

DeGeneres asked Depp if he had seen Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression on “Saturday Night Live.” When Depp responded that he hadn’t DeGeneres was surprised.

“Well, I’ve seen Trump do Trump,” he deadpanned, “which is shocking to me.”

DeGeneres wanted to know “If [Baldwin> ever stops doing it though, would you do it on ‘Saturday Night Live’?”

“Sure,” Depp responded. “Because then, basically, Alec’s done all the work. I can just copy him.”

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