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‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Dog Nearly Dies in Atlanta After Eating Weed Edibles


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 director, James Gunn, nearly his dog after it ate weed chocolate beans.

The director of the latest  nearly lost his best friend. James Gunn shared a scary tale of how his dog nearly died after eating marijuana-infused beans. And if it were not for the South Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, his best friend may have not survived.

“The night before I was supposed to leave Atlanta, my dog Von Spears went into seizures,” wrote in a post on his official, public . “He started walking in circles and falling and twitching arrhythmically, as if he had lost all neurological function. I was terrified – my dog is everything to me.”

According to the AJC, James Gunn does not drink or take drugs so, when the vet asked “has your dog been around any marijuana or marijuana-type-stuff?,” He was surprised.

Gunn revealed that his assistant's ex-girlfriend “had left some edibles – weed-infused chocolate coffee beans – in his nightstand,” which the dog later ate.

The entire experience had Gunn in tears. “When the tech told me that he was probably going to be fine, I down in tears,” Gunn wrote. “The clinic had to keep watch on him for 24 hours, pumping him with fluids, but he was fine when he got out. Better than fine, really – he was playful as a puppy with all those -enriching fluids.”

Gunn's story ended up having a happy ending and he hopes it's a lesson to all other animal lovers.

“In sharing this story with friends afterwards, I discovered nearly everyone I know has a story about a dog getting into edibles. Dogs that go into seizures like mine, dogs that walk around for days on end stoned and confused and unhappy, and even some dogs that have died due to large doses. It's incredibly common, and yet I had never heard about it,” he wrote.

“So, just, whether you partake in edibles or your friends do, be a little more careful with keeping them in a safe place if you have pets. Probably babies too,” he added. “If pets OR are ever around your home, keep your edibles safely stashed away. If not, then leave them out lying wherever you want. Hope you have a great day.”


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