'The Purge' To Start This Halloween? FBI Warns Cops

Is the Purge going to start this Halloween? The FBI announces an anarchist group is going to start targeting people this Halloween.

According to the NYPost, the FBI released an alert on Monday warning police departments across the country that a potentially dangerous anarchist group plans to ambush cops on Halloween.

Warning: Halloween Revolt

According to the FBI report, the extremist group, which is known as the National Liberation Militia, has proposed "Halloween Revolt" that encourages followers to cause anarchy, attract the police and then viciously attack them. The FBI reports that the members are being told to wear regular Halloween masks and use weapons such as bricks, guns, and bottles.

The Ferguson Effect

This news comes after the FBI chief argues that crime rates have increased due to the "Ferguson Effect". A year after the Ferguson protests in Ferguson, Missouri brought scrutiny of Police, FBI Director James Comey has argued that the increase in crime is linked to the "Ferguson Effect" - "which police advocates have said causes officers to back down in the face of extra scrutiny on their actions," according to Ferguson Effect a katz / “Each incident that involves perceived or actual misconduct by police that’s captured on video and spreads around the world bends this line this way,” Comey said on Monday during the annual convention of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago. “Each incident that involves an attack on a member of law enforcement bends our line that way. “I have seen those lines arcing apart in a lot of different ways,” he added. “I actually feel the lines continuing to arc away and maybe accelerating incident by incident, video by video, hashtag by hashtag,” Comey continued. “And that’s a terrible place for us to be. “Just as those lines are arcing away from each other — and maybe, just maybe, because those lines are arcing away from each other — we have a crisis of violent crime in some of our major cities in this country.” He continued by saying that the increase of smart phones is making police officers reluctant to do their job. “In today’s YouTube world, are officers reluctant to get out of their cars and do the work that controls violent crime?” he rhetorically asked during a speech at the University of Chicago Law School, according to a of the speech. Recent Halloween news: What do you think of the possible Halloween Revolt? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!