Women Nearly Goes Blind After Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses

Women nearly goes blind after a set of fake Halloween contact lenses became glued to her eyeballs.

Sarah Richards purchased novelty contact lenses which had a distinct white color to them. After going to a party and going to sleep without removing the contact lenses she woke up pain and unable to work for an entire week after an eye infection.

'It was horrible. I bought the lenses for around £10 as a few of my friends were wearing them for the party too. As I've never worn contact lenses before, I didn't know how to put them in or what they should have felt like once they were sat on my eyes. All I remember was that they were made from quite thick plastic and they felt uncomfortable on my eyes straight away. But after a while it settled down and I assumed everything was okay.' [DailyMail>

Image Credit: Dailymail She feared she had causes permanent damage to her eyes by using them. Richards went to the hospital where she was given eye drops and an eye bath. In addition, she was told to avoid straining her eyes, using make up or wearing contact lenses.

'They told me not to wear lenses, but there was no way I'd have had anything near my eyes at that moment in time anyway. My pupils were scratched and sore and just felt raw, like they had been covered in grit. Because I work in beauty, I could hardly treat clients with big red eyes and no make up on, so I had to have a week off work. I know I should have taken them out, but I'm sure there's a lot of people who go to Halloween parties, have a drink, and if they're not used to wearing contacts, they would do the same as I did.

'I would say to anyone thinking about novelty contact lenses to think twice , you need to be so careful and make sure that you know what you're doing with them before they go anywhere near your face. '

Now, she is warning people to avoid Halloween horror accessories. Millions of people across the world go out and celebrate Halloween by purchasing costumes, make up and even horror contact lenses. However, those interested in using contact lenses risk getting ulcers, tears on the cornea, infections and permanent sight damage.

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