Ice Cube is NOT Making a L.A. Riots Movie

Ice Cube is NOT making a L.A. Riots movie.

Ice Cube is currently denying reports that he and his son O'Shea Jackson Jr. are working on a L.A. riots movie "April 29, 1992." Following a report about their involvement from the Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube issued a statement asserting that he and his son are not attached to the production. “Ice Cube and O’Shea Jackson Jr. have no plans to commit to this project at this time. Any speculations or rumors that suggest that they are confirmed are simply untrue.” The father-son duo worked together as producer and actor on the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton which is headed to $100 million at the box office. Ice Cube will be seen in Ride Along 2, which filmed in Atlanta, Georgia last year. Source: Variety