Hulu's 'Reasonable Doubt' Moves Production From Los Angeles to Atlanta


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Hulu's legal drama "Reasonable Doubt" is making a significant move for its second season, transitioning its production base from Los Angeles to Atlanta. This shift marks a notable change in the show's production strategy and reflects broader trends in the television industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hulu's "Reasonable Doubt" moves its production from Los Angeles to Atlanta for its second season.
  • The move might be influenced by Georgia's generous, uncapped tax credits for production.
  • The show, set in Los Angeles, faces creative challenges in replicating the West Coast city's backdrop in Atlanta.
  • Atlanta has been a popular location for other TV series set in Los Angeles, like "Cobra Kai."
  • "Reasonable Doubt" stars Emayatzy Corinealdi and is executive produced by Kerry Washington.
  • The show received positive reviews and a 77% viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The shift to Atlanta is unusual for series due to the costs of moving sets, actors, and hiring new crew.

Production Shifts and Industry Trends

The decision by Onyx Collective, a Disney-owned production company, to move "Reasonable Doubt" to Atlanta is not entirely clear. However, it's speculated that Georgia's attractive tax credits for production companies could be a driving factor. In contrast, California offers a limited amount of tax credits annually. This financial aspect is crucial, as tax incentives have increasingly influenced where TV shows and movies are filmed.

Creative Challenges and Solutions

Setting a show in a city different from its filming location presents unique creative challenges. "Reasonable Doubt" is fictionally set in Los Angeles, a city known for its distinctive sunny, seaside ambiance. Replicating this in Atlanta, which has limited backdrops resembling the West Coast, requires creative solutions. The show joins the ranks of other series like "Cobra Kai," which also shot in Atlanta while being set in Los Angeles.

The Cast and Critical Reception

"Reasonable Doubt" features Emayatzy Corinealdi as Jax Stewart, a fearless corporate defense lawyer. The series delves into her complex personal and professional life, marked by ethically questionable decisions. Kerry Washington, known for her lead role in "Scandal," serves as one of the executive producers. The first season, released in September 2022, was well-received by critics and viewers, earning a 77% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Bigger Picture

Atlanta's growing appeal for big-budget movies and TV series is evident in this move. However, it's uncommon for series to switch cities between seasons due to the inherent costs involved. This includes moving sets, relocating actors, and hiring new crew members. The decision by "Reasonable Doubt" to shift to Atlanta, therefore, signifies a significant commitment and investment by the production team.


The relocation of "Reasonable Doubout" from Los Angeles to Atlanta is a notable development in the television production landscape. It highlights the influence of financial incentives on production decisions and the creative adaptability required to overcome geographical limitations. As the industry continues to evolve, such moves may become more common, further cementing cities like Atlanta as major hubs for film and TV production.

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