Entertainment NewsHow Michael Jackson Became Friends with Macaulay Culkin

How Michael Jackson Became Friends with Macaulay Culkin


The Unlikely Bond: Michael 's Odd Phone Call That Bolstered Friendship with

Key Takeaways:
actor Macaulay Culkin's friendship with Michael Jackson began with a peculiar phone call.
– Despite controversies surrounding Jackson, Culkin asserts the pop star never abused him.
– The friendship between the two was of Culkin's fanatical craze for Jackson.
– The iconic Home Alone mansion, linked with Culkin's to fame, has been put up for sale.

The Intriguing Origin of a Celebrated Hollywood Friendship

American actor Macaulay Culkin reminisced about his unique relationship with pop legend Michael Jackson, revealing that their friendship was cultivated after a somewhat unexpected phone call. Culkin clarified that without this odd initiation, their close-knit friendship might not have flourished as generously.

The Two Connected Differently

Even as the public questioned their relationship due to Jackson's controversial rapport with young boys, Culkin has continually vouched for the late pop star. Their friendship, which disproves the stereotyped age-barrier, sprung from their mutual admiration towards each other and was particularly unaffected by Culkin's fandom for Jackson.

Backtracking to the start, Culkin shared on Larry King Live that the celebrity interaction commenced with a simple “Hi, it's Michael,” during a spontaneous phone call he received following his triumph in the film ‘Home Alone.'

Earlier Encounter with the King of Pop

Before the phone interaction, the two had briefly met on the backstage of the Lincoln Center while Culkin played Fritz in The Nutcracker. Jackson recognized Culkin from his previous in ‘Uncle Buck' and the connection was seemingly planted. However, it was their unexpected phone interaction that cemented their burgeoning friendship.

Journey From Casual Interaction to Close Friendship

Culkin's candid narrative about the strange phone invitation to Jackson's house underscores their extraordinary relationship. He believes their strong bond was amplified because he wasn't a part of Jackson's fanatical crowd. Nevertheless, this harmonious relationship fixated the spotlight on them, drawing public curiosities, especially post the release of the controversial documentary ‘Leaving Neverland.'

Breaking the Silence: Culkin Defends Jackson

In a separate interview with Esquire Magazine in 2020, Culkin debunked the allegations against the ‘Smooth Criminal' singer stemming from the documentary. Maintaining his consistency, Culkin declared, “He never did anything to me. I never saw him do anything.” This statement stands as a crucial testimonial, debunking rumors that surfaced after the documentary.

Rekindling Past Memories: Home Alone Home up for Sale

Refreshingly, fond memories linked with Culkin's astronomical rise to fame are being opened to the public. The familiar Georgian-style mansion in the 1990 Christmas ‘Home Alone' is now on the market.

The film which catalyzed Culkin's also piqued Jackson's attention, culminating in their remarkable friendship. Today, the same mansion, a symbolic reminder of this connection, is listed for sale on Coldwell Banker for a hefty $5.25 million. The attractiveness of the house, which has been preserved almost identically from the movie, is surmised to allure movie memorabilia collectors and fans alike.

Capping it off, this intriguing spotlight on Culkin's relationship with Jackson features an unprecedented bond that presently reaffirms the innocence of an otherwise controversial Hollywood relationship.

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