'House of Cards': Freddy's Restraunt is Really Up For Sale

If you’ve got $119,000 on a unfancy filming location in Baltimore this is the property for you.

The store is located at 2601 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore. In the first season, it was a place for Frank Underwood to go to retreat from the harsh politics of Washington DC. During the first season, Freddy tells Frank why the ribs taste so good it's the result of the illegal "slow-bleed" method of slaughtering that increases the suffering for the cattle. Most likely a metaphor for the House of Cards series. Owner Mahmut Nazli is selling it for $119,000, though its most recent valuation was $21,000. Here's a picture of the store via Google Maps:
Here's the store, at 2601 Greenmount Ave. , Baltimore.
Freddy's Restaurant From "House Of Cards" Is Up For Sale

That is what you call the Netflix bump!


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