Hollywood Salaries: 70 Jobs and How Much You Can Make in the TV & Film Industry

Want to work in Hollywood? Here's how much cast, crew, and executives get paid!

Who makes the most money on a movie set? What are the highest-paid positions? How much money can you make working in a talent agency? Recently, The Hollywood Reporter revealed how much people working in Hollywood are getting paid and the results are shocking. Despite many actors making millions for each feature film such as Robert Downey Jr., who is expected to make $40 million in the Captain American Sequel, most actors are making less money than ever before. Leonardo Dicaprio made $25 million for The Wolf of Wall Street, while Jonah Hill got paid $60,000. Read more: Georgia is Taking All of Hollywood’s Job Nowadays, studios are cutting costs which means B-List actors are no longer getting big paychecks. For example, Mickey Rourke was offered $250,000 to star opposite Downey in Iron Man 2. According to SAG stats, the average SAG actor makes $52,000 a year, while a large majority of actors earn less than $1,000 a year from acting jobs. If you are looking for a new career other than acting. It might be in your best interest to learn the salaries for the crew members working in the TV and Film industry. Read more: Hollywood Stars Don’t Guarantee Hit TV Shows Here is the list of the most popular Hollywood careers and how much you can expect to make working in TV and Film Industry. 1. TV WRITER $3K-$6K A WEEK 2. FILM WRITER $100K-$1M A DRAFT 3. REALITY STAR: PRACTICALLY NOTHING-$200K AN EPISODE 4. SHOWRUNNER $30K-$100K AN EPISODE 5. PRIVATE CHEF $75K-$200K 6. TV STARS $150K-$1M AN EPISODE 7. COMMERCIAL VOICE ACTOR $3K-$1M AN AD 8. STUNT PERSON $50K-$1M 9. PUBLICIST $27K-$400K 10. PRODUCER $250k - $2M Movie Studio Pavel L Photo and Video / 11. STUDIO CHIEF $5M-$15M 12. PORN STAR $120K 14. NETWORK TV PRESIDENT $2M-$3M 15. MANAGER $250K-$300K 16. LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST $3M-$30M 17. GAME SHOW HOST $1M-$10M 18. EXTRA $148 A DAY 19. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER $2M-$6M  20. TV DIRECTOR $25K-$42K AN EPISODE Featureflash / 21. FILM DIRECTOR $250K-$20M A PICTURE 22. CINEMATOGRAPHER $5K-$30K A WEEK 23. ANIMAL ACTOR $5K-$108K 24. AGENT'S ASSISTANT $10-$13 AN HOUR 25. AGENT $200K-$10M 26. ANIMATION DIRECTOR $200K 27. ART DIRECTOR $134K 28. ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR $101K 29. AWARDS SHOW PRODUCER $300K 30. BEST BOY $92K The Rock31. BODY DOUBLE $33K 32. BOOM MIC OPERATOR $87K 33. CHAUFFEUR $56K 34. CAMERA OPERATOR $96K 35. CARPENTER $61K Read More: 10 Weird Jobs A-List Actors Had Before They Became Famous 36. COSTUME DEPT. SUPERVISOR $91K 37. COSTUMER $79K 38. CRAFT SERVICES FOREPERSON $74K 39. DOG HANDLER $54K 40. DIALECT COACH $125K Hairstylist41. EDITOR $95K 42. FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR $192K 43. FOLEY ARTIST $88K 44. GAFFER $59K 45. GARDENER (STUDIO) $50K 46. GRIP $102K 47. HAIRSTYLIST $77K 48. HAIRSTYLIST TRAINEE $66K 49. LIGHTING TECHNICIAN (ENTRY-LEVEL) $53K 50. LOCATION MANAGER $112K Cameraman51. MECHANIC $59K 52. MAKEUP ARTIST $100K 53. MODEL BUILDER $68K 54. MUSIC MIXER $111K 55. NOVELIZATION WRITER $12,500 per book 56. PAYROLL ACCOUNTANT $66K Read More: Hollywood’s Secret Extortion Problem 57. PERSONAL ASSISTANT FOR A CELEBRITY $80K 58. PROJECTIONIST (STUDIO) $72K 59. PROP MASTER $59K 60. PUBLICIST (STUDIO) $93K red carpet61. SCENIC ARTIST $81K 62. SCRIPT SUPERVISOR $62K 63. SCULPTOR $75K 64. SET DECORATOR $104K 65. SOUND EFFECTS EDITOR $88K 66. TEACHER (ON-SET) $88K 67. TRAILER EDITOR $81K 68. WIGMAKER, CLASS 1 $59K 69. WIGMAKER, CLASS 2 $69K 70. WILD ANIMAL TRAINER $75K What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.