Hollywood is Increasing Cybersecurity

Hollywood is increasing cybersecurity after the Sony Hack.

Ever since the Hack on Sony, Hollywood has stepped up their cybersecurity to protect their movies and TV shows. According to reports, the Sony Hack has left a lasting impression on the film and TV industry.
“Since the Sony hack, a lot of people are waking up and saying, ‘We’re vulnerable, what do we do?'” said Sean Cordero, chair of the controls matrix working group at the Cloud Security Alliance. “The studios, mini-majors and independents are ramping up efforts to see what the risk is and whether they can shore it up.” “Conversations are happening at a much higher, broader level,” said Jonathan Chow, chief security officer at Live Nation Entertainment. “A certain group of people in our business assumed the IT guys will take care of that, and they didn’t bother to ask the questions. Now they’re asking the questions — it’s a concern for everybody now.” [Variety>
Since then movie studios are on high alert and are constantly trying to trick their own employees into opening questionable email attachments that are often a hacker's way of creeping into a computer network. The goal of these tests is supposed to teach employees the dangers of being hacked. This probably means your e-mail to the producer or casting director is more than likely going straight to the spam folder. What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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