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Hollywood Supports Jennifer Lawrence’s Gender Inequality Letter

Hollywood reacts to Jennifer Lawrence's open letter against Hollywood's gender pay gap. Last year a scandal that still has more after shocks than a Los Angeles earthquake, is still shaking up Hollywood. The Sony Hack revealed that...
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Why We May Never See The Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Sinister Six’

The upcoming Sinister Six movie is on hold indefinitely and here's why. The director of Cabin in the Woods and the writer of The Martian recently opened up about the problematic Spider-Man spinoff, which was stalled all thanks to Seth Rogen,...
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NFL Forced Sony to Make Changes to Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’

The NFL forced Sony Pictures to make script changes to Will Smith's new movie 'Concussion'. According to reports first reported on Reddit's /r/WikiLeaks, the NFL's lawyers used copyright laws to force Sony Pictures to make...
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Why Spider-Man Will Never Be Black or Gay

Here is the reason why we will never see a black or gay Spider-Man. EVER. Spider-Man movies maybe stuck in a cliche. In a society where anti-heroes are the most popular characters on television, Marvel...
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Sony Hack The Movie is Coming Soon

Producers are interested in making 'Sony Hack' the movie. As you may recall, around Christmas time 'The Interview' was set to premiere but North Korean hackers caused for the movies release get cancelled. Well, get...
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Hollywood is Increasing Cybersecurity

Hollywood is increasing cybersecurity after the Sony Hack. Ever since the Hack on Sony, Hollywood has stepped up their cybersecurity to protect their movies and TV shows. According to reports, the Sony Hack has left a...

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