Here's Why Disney Stopped Production on the New 'Aladdin' Movie

Robin Williams' will prevents Disney from using his Genie voice in all future Aladdin movies.

According to reports, there will be no new Aladdin movies featuring the voice of the late Robin Williams. Even though there is supposed to be hours of unused material by the late comedian and voice over actor performing hi Genie character, his will states that the outtakes will remain the cutting room floor. Following Robin Williams' suicide in 2014, Williams' voice will not be able to be used for an upcoming fourth Aladdin movie. That's pretty bad news for Disney, who could have had enough unused material to create another Aladdin movie. According to the Times of London the late comedian "has forbidden fresh exploitation of his name, taped performances or voice recordings for 25 years,” per his final wishes. This means all of his original 1991 recordings as the Genie can never be used and Disney has been forced to stop production for another Aladdin movie. “When he was on form, the hyperactive motormouth we love from Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Dead Poets Society and Mrs Doubtfire, was making 30 jokes a minute” the Times quotes a former Disney executive. “Now, because he insisted on a final say on such material, (the jokes) will remain in the vaults.”

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