Entertainment NewsHarrison Ford Chooses Independence Over Communication with Costner for Yellowstone Prequel 1923

Harrison Ford Chooses Independence Over Communication with Costner for Yellowstone Prequel 1923


Key Takeaways:

– Harrison takes on the role of the great-great-grand uncle of Kevin Costner's character in Taylor Sheridan's expanding Yellowstone universe.
– Ford opts not to consult with Costner regarding their shared character legacy, desiring his own unique relationship with Taylor Sheridan.
– Amid widespread of feud between Costner and Sheridan, Ford chooses to steer clear of any murky waters.
– Ford's trust in Sheridan's talent prompts him to sign up for the Yellowstone prequel.
– Despite any off-screen tension, eagerly await the return of Ford as Jacob Dutton in of the prequel, 1923.

Building the Yellowstone Universe

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone franchise continues to grow, spawning more spin-offs despite the conclusion of Kevin Costner's character journey in the Western world in season 5. The world of John Dutton expands further with Harrison Ford's 1923, one of many projects currently in progress within the Yellowstone universe.

A Different Approach: Ford's Independent Journey

Ford masterfully portrays the great-great-grand uncle of John Dutton in the prequel . Despite playing a character related to Costner's Dutton, Ford chooses not to consult with Costner, and remains unbothered by potential conflicts due to the speculated feud between Sheridan and Costner. The Hollywood veteran is determined to remain independent in shaping his role and relationship with Sheridan.

Maintaining Singular

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ford clarified his decision to steer clear of any potential influence from Costner's relationship with Sheridan. His statement uncovers his craving for individuality and autonomy. “I didn't want to dirty up the road with somebody else's. I wanted my own singular relationship with Taylor to guide my behaviour and my thoughts.”

Persistent Rumors and the Golden Globes Encounter

The alleged feud between Costner and Sheridan continues to add a layer of intrigue to the Yellowstone universe. Despite appearing to be unaffected by this rumor, Ford and Costner were spotted in a deep conversation at the Golden Globes. This incident only fuels further speculation.

Influencing Factors: Sheridan's Writing Talent

Acquiring an of Harrison Ford's stature, alongside as his on-screen wife, underlines Sheridan's prowess. Costner, while not surprised by these signings, credits Sheridan's writing skills for attracting top-tier talent. Speaking to ET, Costner iterated that quality writing has the power to draw actors and surprise the audience, reflecting the potential of Sheridan's Yellowstone Prequel, 1923.

Echoing sentiments, Ford stated in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that it was Sheridan's talent which nudged him to onboard the show.

Awaiting Season 2 of 1923

While there's no official release date for the second season of 1923, fans anticipate Ford's return as Jacob Dutton. Meanwhile, the prequel 1923 and the original Yellowstone series are available for streaming on + and respectively. As the universe expands, all eyes remain fixed on this evolving cowboy saga.

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