"Godfather of Harlem" Secures Season 4 Renewal at MGM+

Forest Whitaker

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Actor Forest Whitaker attends the photo-call of 'Zulu' during the 66th Cannes Film Festival on May 26, 2013 in Cannes, France. (Andrea Raffin/

MGM+, the premium cable network formerly known as Epix, has officially renewed the drama series "Godfather of Harlem" for a fourth season. Starring and executive produced by Forest Whitaker, the show is set to return with a 10-episode season, with production commencing next year in New York.

Key Takeaways:

  • MGM+ renews "Godfather of Harlem" for a fourth season.
  • Forest Whitaker stars and executive produces the series.
  • The 10-episode season will begin production in New York next year.
  • The show is a top performer for MGM+ and a key driver for subscriber acquisition.

A Closer Look at the Renewal

"Godfather of Harlem" has established itself as one of MGM+'s top-performing scripted originals. Michael Wright, head of MGM+, praised Forest Whitaker's portrayal of Bumpy Johnson, describing it as an "iconic, archetypal television antihero." The series' success is not just in its storytelling but also in its ability to attract subscribers to the platform.

The Creative Team and Cast

Created by Chris Brancato and the late Paul Eckstein, "Godfather of Harlem" boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Ilfenesh Hadera, Lucy Fry, Antoinette Crowe-Legacy, and Erik LaRay Harvey. The series is produced by Disney’s ABC Signature. Brancato, who remains an executive producer alongside Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi, James Acheson, and Markuann Smith, dedicated the upcoming season to co-creator Paul Eckstein, who passed away unexpectedly.

The Show's Impact and Legacy

"Godfather of Harlem" has resonated with audiences globally, thanks to its compelling narrative and strong performances. The show delves into the life of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson and his navigation through the criminal underworld. Its historical context, combined with a modern storytelling approach, has made it a standout series in the crowded television landscape.

What to Expect in Season 4

While specific details about the fourth season's plot are under wraps, fans can expect the same high level of drama and intensity that has defined the series. With Whitaker at the helm, the show is likely to continue exploring complex themes and characters, set against the backdrop of Harlem's rich history.


The renewal of "Godfather of Harlem" for a fourth season is a testament to its quality and popularity. As MGM+ continues to expand its portfolio of scripted originals, shows like "Godfather of Harlem" play a crucial role in defining the network's identity and appeal to a broad audience.