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Georgia’s Film Industry Creates Over 100,000 Jobs


Georgia's industry helps create over 100,000 for actors, models, filmmakers, and crew.

Georgia's film industry is growing faster and faster and a new report shows that Georgia will be the capital of the world by 2017.

Hollywood has never been the same ever since Georgia decided to get into the movie business. With the help of a very powerful tax credit, the Georgia's film industry has exploded to $6 billion in . Now, Georgia's film industry is ranked third in production and is on the verge of beating their competition.

The Walking Dead

Many have tried to compete with Los Angeles' film industry. However, many have failed. North Carolina cut back on their filmmaking tax incentives program. Meanwhile, 's film industry is under great scrutiny with reports of an utter collapse in the next few months.

Recently, Georgia's , traveled to Los Angeles to  movie and TV show producers the benefits of filming in Georgia. As the southern film industry continues to crumble, Georgia is positioning itself as not only the King of filmmaking in the south but, the film industry capital of the world.

According to a new report by NBC News, Georgia's film industry employs nearly 100,000 people with reports that the film industry will double in size in the next two years.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees expects Georgia's film industry to double in size in the next two years. This month alone, 40 and TV shows are filming in the state, including season six of the “Walking Dead,” and “ 2,” the sequel to the comedy “Neighbors,” starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogan.

This means there is plenty of work in an industry that directly employs 22,400 workers in Georgia and 77,900 people indirectly, according to Georgia Department of Economic Development.

This number is a lot higher than previously reported. According to a report by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), Georgia's film industry has continue to grow providing over 24,000 jobs, 1.68 billion dollars in wages and 9,291 production related jobs.California's film industry still reigns supreme with over 188,000 jobs provided 18.1 billion dollars in wages, and 132,000 production related jobs. However, if these numbers are true, Georgia's film industry will beat Los Angeles by 2017.

In order to support Georgia's growing film industry that means the state has been forced to invest in education programs using the Georgia Film Academy.

To help address the labor shortage, the state is launching a certification program at the Georgia Film Academy this academic year. Thomas said the program is a partnership with the university system of Georgia and the state's technical college system. The academy will offer certification programs for entry positions in the industry, through one- or two-semester courses.

It will also help retrain experienced workers like electricians and carpenters on how they can employ their skills in film. The academy will help place students who complete their certifications, and for the best students it hopes to place them in work-study programs that would provide them with hands-on experience, or provide them with a chance to shadow a professional to get a close-up view of what working in the industry is like.

Currently, several of Hollywood's biggest movies are , Georgia. Seth Rogen's Neighbors 2, Clint Eastwood's Sully and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy 2. 

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You can read the full NBC report about Georgia's growing film industry here.

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