Forget 3D TV's - 8K Televisions are the Future of High Definition

After the limited success of 3D televisions, TV manufactures have been investing and developing the future of high definition.

If you have been to Best Buy in the last few months you most likely have seen the latest 4K televisions. 4k televisions have the resolution that is 4times better than 1080p HD and the difference is almost amazing. The average 4k television starts at about $2,500. But, besides having that awesome technology, there are very few programs with 4k capabilities. However, with time it is expected that more and more TV shows and movies will make the switch to 4K high definition cameras, just as they did with 1080pi. However, despite the recent unveiling of 4K televisions, a Japanese public broadcasting organization NHK utilized the 8K format, " a format so dense with detail that the human eye will not detect additional resolution". Here is what Mashable had to say about it: Oh it looks real. And it is spectacular.
The clarity and depth of field truly is uncanny, yet the picture had none of the harsh edges, strange light and “video” vibe of other super-HD displays and high frame-rate demos I've seen. It’s somehow cinematic; yet you can focus in on any face in a large crowd and make out every feature at varying distances. It really is like being there. Even the smaller TV screens give objects a more present look – a space shuttle launch contrail looked like you could just wave your hand and blow it away, and I felt like I could reach in and pluck a colorful banner from a field of charging horsemen.
Excited? Well 8K televisions will not be available for another couple of years. The NHK has pledged to cover the Olympics and the World Cup with this new format so, expect a full release in 2016. In the mean time, get your camera face ready because the future of television will make background extras look like co-stars! What do you think of the future of high definition? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!